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Today we are going to cover the top 5 ways of how to use neem for teeth and gums, improving your overall oral health. Neem bark powder is a natural antimicrobial remedy that provides natural teeth whitening and helps freshen your breath. In addition, neem bark powder helps to counter bacteria that may cause cavities, inflammation and gum disease. How To Use Neem Powder For Skin and Hair Care Routine – Neem tree, or scientifically known as Azadirachta Indica, is an evergreen tree and can be found almost everywhere in India. It has got countless benefits. Neem is a very, very popular herb in India and since ancient times, neem has been used to treat a number of skin, health and hair concerns. Neem is traditionally used to help soothe skin irritations and support oral hygiene. It is also renowned for its support of overall immune health. ORGANIC INDIA blends the highest quality, organically grown Neem leaves, twigs, and flowers to create this cleansing supplement. Neem Home Remedies for Oral Care: Bark Powder and Toothpaste These days it's not hard to find neem toothpaste, neem mouth wash, or tooth powder. Neem toothpaste usually contains the neem leaf extract only, a mouth wash may contain leaf or bark, or both.

Or, if you need to travel too far, you can collect the leaves, dry them, powder them and store them in the refrigerator for future use. 5 DIY Neem Face Packs for All Skin Types 1 Neem and turmeric for oily skin When you combine the benefits of superhero neem with superpower turmeric the end result is expected to be, well, super. If you use neem powder as a skin salve or to clean your teeth, test it for an allergic reaction by rubbing a small amount on the inside of your elbow. Limited clinical studies support the health benefits of neem powder or determine an accurate dosage and method of use. The antibacterial effects of neem will deep purify your scalp. Neem powder also stimulates hair growth and reduces hairfall when used regularly. If you are facing any skin infections, just take add some neem powder to your bath water to get cured. Neem powder can be used during manicure and pedicure as a scrub to cleanse and prevent nail / toe.

Neem powder is also used to brush teeth and massage gums. In Germany many researchers have shown that neem extracts prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. Infections, tooth decay, bleeding and sore gums have all been treated successfully with daily use of neem mouth rinse or neem leaf extract added to the water. Neem tooth powder can contain dried leaf but also neem bark and neem seed. Sometimes you can also buy straight neem bark powder. Hard to find. Just dip your loaded toothbrush into it before brushing your teeth. In fact, if you do have a serious problem with gum disease it may pay to pay a bit more and look at something comprehensive like this. 24/04/2017 · 10 reasons to add neem to your daily routine;. Lightens skin blemishes: Apply a paste of neem powder,. and antibacterial properties are said to help in treating mouth and tooth problems. Neem Tooth & Gum Powder Mint- 40 grams, up to 200 brushings per bottle. Gentle Mint Therape with Xylitol, Probiotics, and Vitamin D. Neem Tooth & Gum Powder contains concentrated organic Neem Leaf & Neem Bark, super-potent Supercritical CO2 Extracts for maximum therapeutic actions, and Xylitol, Probiotics and Vitamin D for complete gum health support.

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